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Are You Looking To Start An Amazon Business?

How To Find Trending Products, Quality Suppliers And Launch These On Amazon!

Attention Australians & New Zealanders! Learn the entire process to launching a product on Amazon from scratch.

Amz Easy Automation is an Australian consulting service that can assist you with finding products, reliable suppliers and help list your products on Amazon.

We are the only consulting service in Australia to list products on behalf of our customers. We are a complete program that helps you find products, find suppliers, choose your niche and launch your product on Amazon Australia or Amazon USA.

1. Are you looking for product ideas and not sure what to sell?

2. Unsure about finding reliable and quality suppliers?

3. Would you like to know the steps to getting your product listed and selling on Amazon?

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About The Team

Some of our team members and course contributors (on their own) have listed thousands of products on Amazon and launched hundreds of brands. Will you be the next one?

We have a great team behind us including professional product listing experts, keywords experts, Amazon sourcing experts, FBA prep companies plus much much more!

We consult with clients all around Australia and New Zealand!



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We Can Help You List & Launch Your Product On Amazon!

We can even assist you in launching your product on Amazon for you including Keyword Research, Photo Editing, Headlines, Bullet Points plus much much more!

Do You Want The Product Listing Looking As Good As This?

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So What Makes Us DIFFERENT From
Other Coaching Companies Out There?


Coaching for Australians and New Zealanders from a local (in Australia) Not America!

Training on both selling on Amazon USA as well as Amazon Australia

Actual training delivered once a year via workshop or live stream (FREE)

We are the only company in Australia and New Zealand that can help you list products on Amazon for you!

We Cover Every Stage Of Your Amazon FBA Journey... From Finding Your Products, Finding Quality Suppliers & Getting Your Product Launched!

How To Find Profitable & Trending Products To Sell On Amazon!
We cover every aspects of researching profitable, trending and low compitition products and showing you the strategies to researching compitition plus much much more!
How To Find Reliable Suppliers Oversees!
Our training covers source reliable supplers from oversees countries including China, Vietnam, India, Turkey and much more! We will teach you how to find and filter to ensure that the suppliers are the reliable suppliers.
The Process To Listing On Amazon
We will guide you through the process to getting your products into the Amazon Warehouse and helping you get your products selling.